LetHimKnow is an evangelistic missions ministry committed to...

1] Encouraging the Pastor! The Attacks are Relentless!

2] Equipping the Church! The Resources are Limited!

3] Evangelizing the Lost! The Need is Critical!

4] Energizing the Saint! The Work is Overwhelming!

5] Enlisting the Laborer! The Laborers are Few!

6] Expanding the Territory! The Field is Very Large!

7] Expediting the Commission! The Time is Short!

8] Exalting the Saviour! The Cause is Worth It!


LetHimKnow is committed to...

Saving the Lost Soul, Supporting the Laboring Servant, and Serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the Local Church!

LetHimKnow is Begging God for World Wide Revival!

The World Must Know Him!

Someone Must Go to Them!

Will YOU Help Us?

"Seeking Every Single Soul in Every Single Place For the Lord Jesus Christ"


Mission Statement

1. To Reach and Rescue the Lost Sinner! Luke 19:10

2. To Revive and Restore the Lifeless Saint!. James 5:20

3. To Reassure and Refresh the Laboring Servant! Hebrews 12:12

4. To Reveal and Revere our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 1 Kings 8:60